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Those who don't jump, will never fly

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We all know about the money and fame that comes with success, but is the path to try and get there just as glamorous? Read about the good and the bad!


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So what is it really like to have a visit to one of the most luxurious malls in Ontario with a stylist?

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I finished my last exam of undergrad today and took a minute to reflect on how university has given me the best 5 years I could have asked for and all the things I learned from it.

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Three products= $30 (after tax AND shipping). Is this too good to be true?!

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The chilling Netflix series that takes you inside the twisted life and mind of one of the most infamous serial killers: Ted Bundy. A quick summary for people who don’t want to watch it or those that need to be convinced to watch it!

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It’s the most fashionable time of the year!! 

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The crash that resulted in months away from our car :(