My love hate relationship with eyelash extensions

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I was always hesitant to get eyelash extensions because of the horror stories constantly circulating the internet but once a really close friend (shout out to Alyssa!!) was able to tell me exactly how they worked, while looking gorgeous with them, I decided to give them a try. 


  • I love swimming and this hobby (plus the hot tub) with lash extensions is a major struggle. Chlorine and extensions do NOT go well hand in hand; your eyes burn and the lashes WILL peel off when you try to rub your eyes. So simple solution, buy goggles right? Wrong, because goggles that are tight will be incredibly close to your eyes and my eyelash extensions started rubbing AGAINST the goggles, bringing me back to square one: NOT BEING ABLE TO OPEN MY EYES
  • Showering with lashes is very uncomfortable. 
  • Keeping up with lash fills can take a toll on your bank account. Once you start doing your research, you realize this is an expensive obsession. 
  • The process of getting lashes put on is painstakingly long (approx. 2 hours) and this is a major con for someone like me who struggles to sit still for long. 
  • Once your lashes start falling out, let's just say you might want to plan it out so that you're not going out to any major events.


  • I've read a lot of articles that claim lash extensions require extensive care but when you have a very long and detailed skin care routine that you strive to stay consistent with day and night, adding a couple steps for your eyelashes doesn't seem to be much of a hassle. If you have the right products (micellar water based) then you should be fine when it comes to maintaining them for as long as they will last, which is something I have realized varies per person. 
  • You don't need to put on eye make up! (this was a major pro for me because I'm someone who is terrible with make up)
  • YOU LOOK ATTRACTIVE, AWAKE, AND AMAZING, ANY TIME OF ANY DAY which to be honest makes all the cons worth it.

In the end I personally stopped staying consistent with my lashes and am still in the process of waiting for all of them to fall out but I would definitely go back to this once I know I would be able to maintain and pay for it myself. So I still highly recommend eyelash extensions to every girl out there!