Personal Stylist Experience

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Honestly I’ve had people tell me that I have a pretty good sense of style, I mean it’s not hard to keep up with trends when you’re as active as I am on social media, but I decided to get a professional opinion through someone who has a passion of making others look and feel good.

Once you know when you want to book this experience, maybe before a big event or just to change up your style, the process will go something like this:

After you request the stylist experience, there will be a detailed application sent to you which will touch on your sense of style, where you find inspiration, and the overall goal you wish to achieve from the service. I knew that I wanted a VIP shopping experience, get some expert advice that I can use later, learn about new stores I've never thought to enter, and step out of my comfort zone of following just trendy pieces. A couple days later, you will receive a call from the person who is going to be your stylist to just review the application and confirm the appointment! I was lucky enough to get chic and enthusiastic Sonia.

If you want to imagine Sonia, think of an ecstatic ball of energy who you can’t stop smiling around. You could pick out any piece of clothing and her mind will instantly put together a fabulous outfit. Now that is a talent I would love to have.

If you think a stylist is only going to be critical of how you are dressed, you’re completely wrong! Sonia made me feel like I was the most fashionable person she’s ever met. So you get yourself a boost of confidence and some valuable styling knowledge.

As we roamed through a couple stores, Sonia guided me through some helpful styling tips. An example of one is in order to see if jeans fit you well, you should be able to stand sideways, look in the mirror and see that your arm lines up perfectly with the line going down the side of the jeans.

The best part about going through the mall with a stylist is that most employees at every store knew Sonia, so they instantly asked us what we were looking for and helped us in the best way possible. Since Sonia knew all the right questions to ask and exactly where to locate a piece of clothing I was looking for, the whole shopping trip was smooth, relaxing, and fun.

After going through some clothing stores, we moved our search onto a perfect handbag. To find the perfect item, you have to exhaust all your options so we literally went to EVERY SINGLE STORE inside Yorkdale which had bags and decided that with an experience like this, a regular bag just wouldn’t do; a statement piece was needed. This resulted in a narrowed down choice between a gorgeous Prada or Gucci crossbody.


Although I like to opt for bright colours, Sonia suggested that for a first high end designer bag, I would want something I can wear with ANY kind of outfit. We looked through the specifications of bags, going back and forth to each store a couple times and after her expert analysis of the durability and versatility of both items, I finally picked this gorgeous Gucci one:

As Sonia said, “you can get tired of people around you, but you should never get tired of your handbags”

I absolutely loved this service and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants a day of VIP shopping treatment. Message me for any questions you might have regarding this experience!