The horrors of crashing your Tesla

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Purchasing this dream car might be one of the biggest milestones in your life but after that, never stop treating it like the luxury commodity it is because you might lose it for much longer than you expect if you make a mistake or are the victim of someone elses.

I got into an accident with my familys Tesla model 3 on August 1st 2018; barely months after we got it. I am writing this blog post on Jan 16th 2019- the day we have the car back in our possession. 

The painful process of waiting for Tesla to replace parts of a T boned car was worse than expected. Most of the Tesla related forums complained about the same nightmare that we went through; waiting for Tesla to deliver replacement parts will take (what seems like) FOREVER.

We were told multiple times that we would be receiving the car back on a specific day and closer to the day, or frustratingly, closer to the HOUR of pick up, there was yet another problem that was discovered and needed to be fixed or a software update that had failed; disappointing us time and time again.

After months of lengthy phone calls of trying to understand what was STILL wrong with the car or just weekly follow ups, we were finally guaranteed the delivery date. As soon as the app notified me the car was moving after 5 months, I held my breath until it touched the driveway of my house. The Tesla model 3 lives up to its hype and the car is as amazing as ever, but the customer service we experienced during the months following a crash were disappointing. Failure to keep up with their already loyal customers because of focusing on making and selling new cars has left us with less faith in the company, but hopefully this is something they are working on improving. The car is still making strange noises and the door that was hit has some issues so we have to take it to the shop again this week, but for a shorter amount of time hopefully. :(

Bottom line, the more you drive, the more casual your actions on the road might become. I got into an accident on a street I have used almost every day in my 6 years of driving experience but in a split second, things changed and thankfully, I came out of it unharmed but it was a learning experience for sure. Stay alert!